• Nursing Home Staff Training
The Elders Drum Project offers on site evaluation and program development assistance to Nursing Homes. Our staff is available for consultation and implementation of the techniques used in our program as adapted for the individual needs of each facility. Drumming provides a positive bonding experience for the group, which produces a supportive, more relaxed atmosphere in the nursing home. Cooperation and trust between residents becomes more profound and creativity is highlighted. Residents improvise as they develop their skills and create songs and rhythms that can be incorporated into performances.

• Children's Drum Programs
Fré Atlast is responsible for bringing the Elder’s Drums to classrooms all over the North East. Atlast has developed a method of drumming that engages students in cognitive learning processes while having a great deal of fun. From preschool to high school, students and teachers alike rave about their drum class experiences. Drumming is a tool for teachers to help students improve their cognitive abilities, fine and gross motor skills, concentration, eye hand coordination, listening skills, memory, mathematic comprehension, and group dynamics. Teachers are able to evaluate a student’s ability to follow instructions and interpret information, by observing their students in a drum session.

• University and Professional Presentations
The staff of The Elders Drum Project are available to present programs ranging from a brief one hour overview to an all day presentation. The basic techniques and methods for drumming with special populations are demonstrated and explained.

• Drum Leadership Training
Candidates are now being accepted for enrollment in the Spring 2009 session. All aspects of The Elders Drum Method are presented. Participants are expected to initiate drum programs in their own communities as part of their committment. Instructional materials relating to implementing drum programs in nursing homes, schools, pre-schools, and in community settings will be provided.

• Workshops
The Elders Drum Project staff is available for instructional workshops geared towards professionals working in the fields of Occupational/Physical Therapy, Health and Education.The staff also provides Corporate Team-Building Drum Workshops that are designed to help groups learn valuable communication skills and to create a more confident and cooperative atmosphere in the workplace. The EDP Staff meets with each client to create an individual program to address specific needs.

• Drum Circles
Fre Atlast and the staff of The Elders Drum Project offer instruction for all kinds of drum circles, including women's circles, intergenerational circles, community circles, and drumming with children.

For more information email info@eldersdrumproject.org or call 845-658-4136.

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